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Card Control

MoneyGuard allows the cardholder to
manage their cards in real-time.
They can
- set thresholds to receive alerts,
- set authorisation limits and
- take immediate action on their cards.

MoneyGuard Interactive Alerting

Limit the risks

The MoneyGuard card control functionality allows the cardholder to control the use of their cards in real time. They can set thresholds by transaction type that trigger an SMS or Push alert. They can set authorisation limits by transaction type, as well as turn the card, or a certain transaction type on or off. 

It also provides easy access to balance and history information, as well as allows the cardholder to take immediate action on their cards.

Why not use the cardholder as an extension of your fraud team whilst providing better customer service?

Packed with features

MoneyGuard's feature rich front end can easily be integrated with your existing mobile banking initiatives, and run as part of your application with your look and feel. 

MoneyGuard will use its standard integration with either the fraud monitoring system, or the transaction switch to generate alerts, action requests, as well as enforce limits in real time.

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